Turn your app into a cash machine. Generate a great monthly income in just a few steps. Use dynamic ads with Logic, attract sponsors and discover more ways to make money with an app.

Sell your own in-app ad space

Your header image is the most prominent place in your app. Advertisers just love that striking appearance that cannot be missed by your users. Any header image in your app can be an advertisement, including a link to the advertisers’ homepage or landing page.

Sell your header images to local companies: real estate agencies, fitness clubs, restaurants. Create special pages to service your advertisers. Each page in your app can have its own header image so the number of ads is virtually endless.

Use text ads in your body copy with a link to the advertisers’ website. Make your text ad stand out with different typography, font size or color.

How to use the header image as ad space

Sponsors, advertorials, special offers

Attract sponsors for your app and offer advertorials or special offers. Intensively used event apps, sport apps or community apps can be attractive for local companies. Let sponsors pay for an article or interview in the app. Offer them to send a sponsored push message to all your users. Attention is guaranteed!

Add paid listings of recommended restaurants and not to be missed shops in your tourism or event apps.

Dynamic ads with Logic

Make more dynamic and specific ads with the Logic function in the Pro version. Logic lets you add and combine several actions in your app such as Call, Goto, Show Message or Open website.

Let’s say your app features all the restaurants in a city. With the Logic function you let a message appear when a user taps on an item. When user taps on Restaurant A in the list for more information the message says: ‘Order Now And Get a 25% discount’. The user can be directed to any url you like or to the reservations area in your app. Or the user just closes the message and continues.

You can find the Logic function in our Pro block Screen.

Sell (sponsored) products

Selling products in your app is a little effort which can generate a good income. Just choose some products, add the Product block with the Checkout block and your app is a fully functional e-commerce tool including several payment methods and various options for delivery or pick up.

sell products

No products to sell? Your sponsors or advertisers do! Add a small sponsored shop in your app and get a margin for each item sold. Do you own a golf app with great golf courses in the area? Let a golf gear sponsor open a shop in your app.

How to use the Checkout block

Paid app in the stores

Is your app content so valuable that user are willing to pay for it? Think of extended recipes, cooking classes, instruction movies, fitness support or exercises? Then your app could have a paid version in the app stores.

Making money with your app starts here!