Are you thinking about creating an app? You should! Whether you already own a business, a website, a blog or if you’re just looking to expand your digital presence, creating your own app is an awesome choice.

But before you start creating, have you thought about what will make your app the most successful? We’re here to help you out with these 7 useful tips!

1. Make it unique

In the PlayStore and Apple App Store you will find millions of apps ready to be downloaded. This can be overwhelming for a new app creator (and even for someone who has been doing this for years). All this competition can make it difficult to create an app that stands out and is profitable.

This is why it is so important to start with a unique idea. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or create something that has never been done before. But make sure you give your own spin on it. Or make it look smoother and more polished than any other app.

The more you stand out, the better. This will make it easier to sell and market your app to a wider audience. And to convince potential users they need your app more than any other. Even if they already have a similar app on their device.

2. Make it simple

While you want to create the most outstanding, unique and awesome app, you should keep in mind that you don’t overcomplicate it. An app that is too complicated to use or has an interface that is hard to work with and overcrowded will put off potential users.

Users should instantly understand what the app does and therefore directly want to download it. So go all out, but also keep it simple.

3. Make it user- friendly 

As mentioned above, users should know how to use the app. A simple, easy to use interface is really important. It won’t matter how nice your app looks or how unique it is, if users can’t figure out how to use it.

Whether your target users are technically advanced or not at all, make sure they can easily and quickly find everything that they need in the app.

4. Make it problem solving

Try to solve a common problem with your app. If your app offers a solution for a problem that many people have, you’re guaranteed to get more downloads and therefore more profit.

Research most common problems people run into or think of problems you would like to solve and come up with a fitting solution in app-form!

5. Name it

The first thing users see, before even downloading the app, is the name. This is your first impression on potential users and the first chance you have to attract downloads.

Just like your app, your name should be unique, simple and straightforward. Try to choose a name that will give some indication of what your app does but is also easy to remember, pronounce and spell. This way users can tell their family and friends all about your awesome app!

6. Test it

Now, we know that you’re excited, you just created an awesome app with a great name and you just want to go public with it. But before you do this, you should really run some tests. Almost all new apps have bugs that need to be found and fixed. Or functions that just don’t quite perform like they should. To find these issues before going public, let someone close to you check the app like a normal user would and report back on what they find. This way your first launch will be so much more successful.

7. Adjust it

Now you have launched your app and it went great, it’s being downloaded by many users and feedback is coming in. To keep your app profitable, continue to improve it and make changes where and when needed.

Make sure you catch up on feedback and update your app so it doesn’t become outdated. This will keep your currency users coming back and new users coming in!