Spreek met iedereen, in je eigen taal

Speak to anyone, in your own language.

Розмовляйте з ким завгодно своєю рідною мовою.

Pryv.it was created to help facilitate communications during one of history’s largest refugee migrations. It’s difficult to help people when you can’t communicate.

With Pryv.it you don’t need to download an app from a proprietary store. You can converse with one or many phones, by simply using your browser.

No app or registration required

Available to anyone with access to a telephone.

Secure conversations, not stored on any server.

Up to 15 devices can connect for a group conversation.

Join a conversation by scanning a QR code

Instantly jump into a conversation using your own phone by scanning (or entering) a conversation code.

Tap to speak in your own language

All messages are translated immediately to the preferred language of those receiving them.

Translate or chat quick and easy using a single phone

Split screen translation mode makes it possible to have a multi-lingual conversation on one phone.

Download our flyer and help people find Pryv.it anywhere it can help them communicate.

PDF document, ±600kB

Why use Pryvit?

Translation tools like Google Translate are great for translating text, but become inconvenient and frustrating when used for real-time conversation.

Pryvit solves some of the biggest issues experienced with trying to communicate with someone ad-hoc, or if you want to have a conversation with multiple people speaking a different language.

Made for conversation

No app install required

Every language spoken in a conversation is translated to your language

Up to 15 devices can join a conversation

Made for translation

App install needed for full features

Only translates between 2 selected languages

Everything is done on 1 device

About Pryvit

Having successfully built and sold multiple companies around the world, Siebrand Dijkstra was looking for ways to help Ukrainians displaced by the war. Yet, while trying to help, he noticed that having real-time conversations in several languages is difficult with existing translation tools.

So he and his team decided to create something that could help Anna, her family and all other Ukrainian refugees.

The term Pryvit means “hello how are you?” in Ukrainian. We hope our app can help make the world a little kinder for those that need our help.

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